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Permanent makeup center

Ms. Ghazal Zargarian is the manager of the best permanent makeup salon in Iran, the most specialized center providing all permanent makeup services. With more than 15 years of experience, they are experts in holding the highest quality permanent makeup training courses. Ms. Ghazal Zargarian is a grand master of permanent makeup training in Iran, Turkey and Europe who, relying on her expertise and knowledge, has been able to act as an international judge of microblading. Having thousands of satisfied students from all over the world can be considered one of his greatest honors. Ghazal Zargarian is the first master of the most up-to-date permanent makeup techniques all over the country and with the experience of more than hundreds of thousands of clients in his career. Also, the experience of teaching at International University of Hallij Istanbul, one of the centers with European standards, is one of his other honors.

At Ghazal Zargarian Center, we are proud to provide the highest quality permanent makeup services to thousands of people from all over the world every year and get 100% satisfaction of these loved ones.

Semi-permanent makeup center

We offer all the following services to you with the highest quality.

میکروبلیدینگ ابرو

Eyebrow Microblading

Best Choice

Ghazal Zargarian Beauty school

مرکز غزل زرگریان

You can be sure of the high quality of our services by choosing Ghazal Zargarian super specialized center. Among the most important reasons for choosing us, the following can be mentioned;


More than 15 years of brilliant experience in permanent makeup (the records show the high quality of services)


More than 50,000 customers per year with the highest satisfaction from this center, which has distinguished us from others.


Providing high quality services to more than 200 customers per day by experienced and experienced personnel of Professor Ghazal Zargarian


Guaranteeing the quality of services and the durability of color even on oily skin and even people who have skin with low color tolerance.

The best training courses

Ghazal Zargarian Beauty school

Unlimited support

You can continuously receive educational updates from us.

Training before the workshop

Before the event, we familiarize the students with 50% of the training so that they can be more productive.

Online training

Holding an online training course for all those who want to participate in the course from all over the world.

Donate supplies

We will give you all the accessories from zero to one hundred with the guarantee of originality.

آموزش آرایش دائم با استاد غزل زرگریان
High income

We help you attract new customers by providing updates and new methods.

The latest styles

We offer you the latest and most up-to-date styles according to the current European standards.

Valid certificate

Awarding the certificate of the end of the valid course from the international academy and introduction to the technical and professional organization of the country


We will invite hard-working and motivated participants in the course for cooperation and employment in our center.

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